Sen No Kai Martial Arts Association :


Club is closed!


Sen-No-Kai was founded at Stirling University in 1970 by our now chief instructor Mr William Clark (Hanshi). The roots of the club can be traced back to Master Shigeru Egami Chief Instructor Shoto-Kan Dojo, onto Master Mitsusuke Harada Chief Instructor Shoto-Kai.

   Mr Clark trained and was graded under Master Harada in Shoto-Kai Karate Do and continued to study Shoto-Kai under sensei Jack Euart at the Azami Dojo, one of the oldest and longest running clubs in the area.

   The Azami Dojo was a Judo club which lent its facilities to a group of Shoto-Kai Karateka for practice. In the early days it was normal for the karateka to participate in the judo practice prior commencement of the karate. Along with training at the Azami Mr Clark travelled all over the country, from Glasgow to Grange Farm attending courses and gradings from senior instructors. During these training sessions Mr Clark formed a strong friendship and close link with sensei R McBurnie from Glasgow, Sensei McBurnie was an inspiration to Mr Clark as he sought “the way”. Mr Clark progressed on to succeed sensei J Euart as the instructor of Azami Karate Do Shoto-Kai.

   Around this time Mr Clark was introduced to Aikido and in particular the teachings of Sensei William Coyle, Chief Instructor Makotokai Aikido Association by Sensei R McBurnie.

   With the influences of Sensei Coyle, Sensei McBurnie and others, Mr Clark accepted an offer to set-up a Karate club in the newly built Stirling University in 1970. In the early days the students would benefit from courses in karate from Sensei McBurnie and Aikido from Sensei Coyle and from the fusion of the two emerged Sen-No-Kai. Sen-No-Kai is non competitive and relies on traditional values rather than the sporting aspects to develop the inner strengths of the student.

   In a strive to increase its standing within the martial arts fraternity Sen-No-Kai Association was formed and applied to the Martial Arts Commission (now M.A.D.e.C) for recognition and affiliation. Also as full members of the Sports Council Sen-No-Kai are fully updated to current coaching developments.

   With a fully comprehensive grading syllabus and instructor training programmes Sen-No-Kai has gone from strength to strength. Stirling University remains the main dojo and plays host to our four weekend courses, and our annual weeks residential training course in September. All Sen-No-Kai instructors have undergone instructor training, hold current First Aid certificates and are registered and fully insured for teaching in martial arts.

   Sen-No-Kai has clubs throughout the district and are open to any student wishing to advance in the field of martial arts, from the complete beginner to the experienced martial artist.