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Hello and welcome to the Sen-No-Kai Martial Arts home page. We at Sen-No-Kai are a group of serious minded martial artists who through honest endeavour strive to find The Way.

   Affiliated to the Martial Arts Development Commission (M.A.D.e.C), and members of The Sports Council, we aim to offer a no nonsense, politics free approach to martial studies.

   Sen-No-Kai can trace its roots back through Shotokai Karate and Aikido, which then transcended into Sen-No-Kai.

   This dynamic and highly effective style of martial art has grown in strength and popularity since it was founded by our now chief instructor Mr William Clark at Stirling University in 1970

   Sen-No-Kai is non competitive and strives to develop the inner strengths and Ki of the students, aiming to promote a higher level of understanding of oneself and their capabilities

   Sen-No-Kai techniques which were created and refined by our predecessors through continuous study and practice reveals that those techniques accord with modern scientific principles. We must try to analyse our techniques in an increasing effort to improve.

   Sen-No-Kai is not the only martial art that concentrates on the optimum utilisation of the human body or embraces principles taught in physics and physiology. All the martial arts and other sports depend on correct form for the effectiveness of their techniques. A karateka spends years perfecting movements, which to the layman, look easy. Such practice results in body movement, or form, which is physically and physiologically correct.

   Correct form is especially important in Sen-No-Kai. All parts of the body must harmonise to provide the stability necessary to sustain the shock of delivering a technique

   Reiki (Ancient Healing Art) is a form of healing using the Ki energy flow, It can play a part in raising a students awareness in the flow of Ki passed on through attunements from a Sen-No-Kai Reiki master.





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